About Us

Following the development of early prototypes, W.H.Loxton Ltd was formed in 2005. Our objective was to supply automatic unmanned machinery for planting of miscanthus rhizomes in the UK. Our machines proved to be successful and have sold into a number of different markets in Europe , America and the UK.

Following significant investment in time and resources, the planters have been further developed to provide a level of sophistication, accuracy and output that significantly helps to control costs in establishing miscanthus crops. The planters are now an EU, Canadian and USA registered design.

We provide the only machine of its type capable of delivering the sort of daily outputs and accuracy required to satisfy the rapidly developing demand for rhizome grown energy crops.

In 2011 we are expanding our range of machinery to include equipment for lifting and processing of rhizome. This will be sold through our partners in the US and Canada, New Energy Farms Ltd or directly in the UK and Europe.

Based in Somerset, UK, W.H.Loxton Ltd uses local suppliers where possible in keeping with the carbon friendly remit of energy and fibre crops.

In addition we also produce simple box and bale platform scales for monitoring rhizome and crop output.